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Risk Engineers

At NTI, our risk engineers are unique. Not only do they understand risk management and insurance, but they’re also industry specialists.

Our risk engineers can help businesses of all sizes to improve safety, optimise processes, and operate more efficiently.

Their industry expertise helps them better understand your business’ ins and outs and create practical solutions to address unique challenges.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in speaking with our risk engineers, please contact your broker or NTI representative.

Benefits of Risk Engineering

At NTI, our approach to risk management is customer-focused. Our risk engineers spend time with your business and create independent tailored reports that combine their risk management expertise with unique customer insights.

Some of the benefits of engaging an NTI risk engineer in your business include:

  • Improved process efficiency
  • Potentially reduce repair and replacement costs
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Better staff retention
  • Better overall business performance
  • Reduced potential for loss or damage

Meet Our Risk Engineers

Paul Bressan

Heavy Motor Risk Engineer

Paul Bressan

Heavy Motor Risk Engineer

Paul has over 20 years of experience in risk management, compliance, and WH&S, predominantly in the air and road freight transport industries. 

He specialises in mitigating operational risk, particularly mitigating loss of vehicles and equipment, and has expertise in looking at compliance and claims frequency issues. 

Paul is passionate about making a positive impact on risk management, safety, and corporate compliance disciplines, as well as driver wellness in the transport and logistics industries. 

When I can help reduce the number of incidents happening, and even the time that vehicles are off the road, I see benefits across the board.”

Steven Alexander

MPE Risk Engineer

Steven Alexander

MPE Risk Engineer

Steven has over fifteen years of experience working with mobile plant and equipment (MPE), primarily in mining and civil construction environments.

His experience ranges from preventative maintenance and repairs to managing large-scale machine rebuilds, incident reporting, OH&S, and continuous improvement in the workplace.

For two and a half years prior to becoming the MPE Risk Engineer, Steven worked as an MPE Repair Manager for NTI. He has a deep understanding of the risks our insureds face on a day-to-day basis.

I collaborate with customers to identify risks and solutions, whether cultural, operational or financial, to ensure safe operations and correct risk mitigation.”

Our Process

Our risk engineer engagements follow three key steps:

  • 1. Know the customer

    Our team will spend time getting to know your business and your risks, priorities and challenges. This includes desktop reviews, remote hook-ups, and site visits where applicable. 

  • 2. Analyse the current state

    Our team will carefully review your business processes, risk mitigations, and history. The output is an independent tailored report summarising the engagement and any potential next steps. 

  • 3. Provide advice and assistance 

    Our team will, where relevant, provide practical actionable suggestions for business and risk management improvement. This can include pre-made collateral or bespoke ongoing support as requested by you. 

What Is Involved?

Our engagements initially focus on information gathering. Our risk engineers explore your business to understand critical factors.

We are mindful of minimising impacts to your operations, so initial meetings are aimed to take less than an hour and typically cover the below areas:


  • Company overview
  • Current jobs or contracts
  • Areas of focus 

People and capability    

  • Recruiting, induction and training practices
  • Staff development and retention
  • Culture
  • Employee turnover

Asset management

  • Maintenance systems and practices
  • Asset strategies
  • Equipment or telematics reporting 

Emergency management and incident investigation

  • General processes and systems used
  • Incident findings and implementations
  • Communication strategies and channels
  • Outline key responsibilities for actions and responses

Site safety and security

  • Site processes and establishment requirements 
  • Fatigue or distraction monitoring technologies

Specific risk factors

  • Occupation
  • Location
  • What controls are in place to mitigate risk factors

Where to From Here?

If you are interested in speaking with our risk engineers, please contact your broker or NTI representative.

To find out more about how our risk engineers have helped other businesses, read some of our client stories below.

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