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NTI donates toys to Charleville Hospital

During February 2010, South Western Queensland was deluged with rain resulting in severe flooding covering millions of hectares of land.

In the path of these floods were several towns including Charleville, of which 80% experiences flooding.

Among the flooded properties was the Charleville Hospital.

NTI staff generously donated funds to support the Charleville Hospital Children's Section.  NTI management donated another 50% of what the staff had donated, with the pool being used to buy electronic equipment, games and toys.

The donation included:

  • A 42" Plasma TV;
  • A 26" Plasma TV;
  • A DVD player;
  • Assored children's DVDs;
  • Electronic games;
  • A Sony PlayStation;
  • A Nintendo Wii; and
  • Various toys, puzzles and games.