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Behind the Scenes of NTI’s Vehicle Repair Services

Every minute a vehicle is off the road can cost a business money. From missed deadlines and the inability to fulfil contracts to reputational damage and even loss of business, the repercussions can be deep and lasting. 

For businesses that rely on their trucks and equipment, partnering with an insurance provider that understands how to get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident is essential. 

“For many small businesses, their livelihoods depend on their vehicles to generate cash flow and revenue,” says Kent Vieira Lino, Desktop Assessor, NTI.  

“Our team is made up of industry experts who’ve got the background and knowledge you can trust, and we’re very passionate about getting vehicles back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.” 

An expert team that understands the industry 

With on-the-ground repair managers and a team of desktop assessors, NTI assess claims efficiently with an aim to minimise the time vehicles spend off the road after an accident. 

Having that expert knowledge and experience to rely upon is incredibly valuable in ensuring the right work is being carried out in the most time-efficient manner possible. For the best outcome, it’s essential to have the right people having the right conversations. 

“We’ve got a diverse range of trade backgrounds in our team – mechanics, panel beaters, spray painters, fabricators, and fitter and turners, as well,” explains Ben Johnson, Manager – Repair Management & Assessing, NTI. 

“We want our clients to be able to talk to someone who actually understands the repair process, understands what they are going through, so there can be that level ground where we can communicate effectively.” 

Getting vehicles back on the road sooner and safer

The key to getting vehicles repaired and back up and running, of course, is an extensive repair network – and NTI’s long-standing Authorised Repair Network is in place to do just that. 

The network comprises four channels – premium, local, light vehicle and trailer – with each specialising in different vehicle types and repairs, and offering the same level of quality repair and service.  

“Our Premium Repair Network was established 20 years ago, and it’s grown from there,” says Johnson.

“Our premium repairers have state-of-the-art equipment, including paint booths and chassis straightening equipment.”

“The technology that is now being introduced in the repair industry to ensure that things are repaired safely is amazing, and delivers great outcomes for the vehicles and for the drivers, too, who are spending huge amounts of time in these vehicles.”

NTI local repairers also adhere to strict criteria, but are suited for clients who’s equipment require only light repairs, with the convenience of being serviced closer to base. 

“The reason we work with our repair networks is to align ourselves with repairers who share the same values as NTI does,” says Ben Kersten, Repair Manager, NTI. 

“We have a lot of pride and passion for what we do, and we want to work with repairers who share that, and who genuinely care about the customer and achieving a high result.” 

NTI’s TruckLife guarantee means repairs are guaranteed for the “life” of the vehicle regardless of vehicle ownership, which underlines confidence in the repair network. 

Need parts? We’re on it!  

When a vehicle is in need of repair, time can often be lost while waiting for parts to be sourced and delivered. As a specialist insurance provider, NTI has strong relationships across the industry, meaning any hold-ups can be escalated to national dealers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to get hold of parts quickly and efficiently. 

NTI is committed to buying its own parts to meet customers’ demands. This purchasing power provides priority access and preferential service with OEMs.

To illustrate that, Vieira Lino says: “We have great relationships with OEMs. There have been occasions when they’ve actually taken parts off the production line and sent them to one of our repairers.” 

In addition to buying parts directly from OEMs, NTI also holds stock in its own warehouses – and this can make all the difference between a repair and a write-off. 

For example, a client who was a sole operator purchased a truck and spent significant money modifying it to become a tipper. 

After a major accident, NTI took it to its repair network. Due to the extent of the damage, it may have been considered a total loss by some insurance providers. However, NTI had purchased some pre-built, fabricated cabs that were held in their warehouse. 

NTI were able to modify the cab to fit, getting the vehicle back on the road quickly, and dramatically reducing the final repair cost. 

As a sole operator, the owner needed the vehicle back on the road quickly, and if NTI hadn’t been able to do so the owner could have lost their livelihood.  

Getting the claims process started early

Engaging with the NTI team immediately after an accident is important to get a vehicle back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. The NTI Accident Assist phone line – 1800 NTI NOW (1800 684 669) – is open 24/7, 365 days, and where necessary, the team can arrange recovery through our authorised towing network, and be on location in person. 

“Calling the 1800 NTI NOW line really gives us a head start and the ability to jump in and assist the client straight away,” says Vieira Lino. “They’ll be given a claim number that they can present to one of our authorised repair network workshops, who then have automatic authority to begin work as soon as possible.”

To learn more about NTI’s repair service, watch our webinar ‘Behind the Scenes with NTI’s Repair Team’.

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