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Keeping You Moving 

With ongoing industry support, swift response time when you need us and a focus on safety, National Transport Insurance is Australia's number 1 truck insurance provider.

From single vehicles to large fleets, we offer flexible, tailored solutions to cover vehicles with a carrying capacity of 3.5 tonnes and over. With local experts across Australia we understand the challenges you face and know what matters most to you - especially after an accident.

Our claims process has been designed in consultation with the transport industry.  Moreover, we have an internal team of dangerous goods incident management experts across the country.

Our National Transport Insurance brand features Transport Pack for owners of small to medium-sized businesses and our Fleet Policy is designed for fleets of over 15 items.

We're there when you need us the most.

As Australia’s number 1 truck insurance provider, we understand what transport operators need after an incident: a trusted partner to take care of everything.

  1. Dangerous Goods

    With an internal, nationwide team of incident management specialists across the country, we have serious expertise and experience in incident scenes – including handling dangerous and hazardous goods claims.

  2. Parts

    We also have an in-house team of specialist Parts Coordinators to help manage repair costs by sourcing parts directly from manufacturers – using the purchasing power that comes from NTI’s size and scale!

  3. Repairers

    NTI’s Premium Repairer Network raises the bar for truck repair standards. We partner with the best repairers in the trucking industry. They have the authority to begin repairs on an NTI-insured truck as soon as it arrives on their premises with no need to wait for an assessor. This gets trucks back on the road 9 days faster than other insurance providers! (as at Oct 2020)

Service Only a Specialist Can Provide

  • Customers speak to the same Claims Specialist across the entire claim process.  
  • We offer a range of online tools to help you and your business, such as our Driver Acceptance Guide, Chain of Responsibility Health Check, and our Distance Calculator.
  • We’re involved with industry associations and working groups to provide greater access to our experts.

Innovation in Action

  • NTI Accident Assist is the original and the best – the first program of its kind for trucks in Australia.
  • Our National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) shares our data on the trends and causes of major accidents to improve road safety.
  • We have Productivity Agreements with a number of major transport association in the country that allow us to invest back into their association.
  • Our Premium Repairers and Local Repairers operate to the highest standards for equipment and qualifications.
  • Our Traction program helps transport operations manage risks and establish a safety-focused culture within their businesses.
  • We have partnered with Seeing Machines and other partners to promote the latest safety technologies, and to help customers understand and manage risks within their businesses.

Walking the Walk Through Expertise

  • We have internal emergency response specialists across the country to handle dangerous goods incidents.
  • Our internal Parts Team has partnerships with all major truck manufacturers.
  • We have specialist heavy motor underwriters, including Liability specialists, located across the country.
  • We have risk specialists contributing to road safety as well as the sustainability of our customers’ businesses. This includes Risk Assessors, Risk Engineers and those involved in the National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC).

The Bushfire Crossed the Roads

Sharon Middleton - Whiteline Transport

“The key to the successful partnership between NTI and Whiteline has been the way they kick into gear when we’ve had a problem.”

Because, when things go wrong in the trucking industry, they tend to go wrong in a big way.  There’s probably no better example of this than the time bushfires closed the roads between Adelaide and Perth.  Not long after they were re-opened, the wind changed.  One of Whiteline’s drivers was lucky to escape but lost two trailers, a prime mover and a dolly.

While official enquiries were set to drag on for many months, this wasn’t the case with the NTI claims process.  “The NTI team understood that we had enough to deal with,” Sharon recalls.  “Within a week we had payment through for the two trailers and the dolly.  Two days later we received payment for the prime mover… NTI care about the people they insure.  To them, it’s not just about being a number.  You mean something to them.”

NTARC Major Accident Investigation Report

NTI’s priority is to ensure every single transport operator arrives home safely. By bringing data and expertise together, we can keep Australia moving towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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