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How to run a great toolbox meeting

If you want to learn how to run team meetings more efficiently, this checklist is for you.

What will you learn?

  • What a 'good' team meeting looks like
  • How you can tweak your meetings to accommodate best practice
  • How best practice can help to engage your staff in toolbox meetings

Toolbox or team meeting...whatever you happen to call it, no doubt your goal is the same - to bring your team together and share information with them. So often we get asked for help in this area - as a manager, how can you make these meetings more effective, more interesting, and get better results from your team?

Spare minutes in your day are valuable and if you're like most fleet managers, you constantly feel like you're trading money for time and vice versa. If your team is in front of you, it means they're not out on the road.

First things first, what does 'good' look like?

A good team meeting:

  • Happens regularly at convenient times for the team
  • Is a mixture of voices from the staff
  • Has structure, doesn't take too long and gets to the point

Does this sounds like the meetings you're running with your team?

Using the below checklist to plan and run a staff meeting, then refer back to it afterwards, identify anything you could further improve. 

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