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Shipping & Delivery Insurance

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Shipping & Delivery Insurance

With so many end of year deals available online, it is no surprise that many shoppers and businesses are taking advantage of the discounts!


What if the bargain you purchased online is damaged in transit? Or worse, it just never gets delivered?

Unfortunately, these scenarios are becoming increasingly common.  And with many online shoppers using “low touch” purchasing platforms, many customers with disputes find themselves on their own, engaged in a battle with a faceless retailer, or freight providers that are often less than enthusiastic about replacing the item or providing a refund. Even the free covers on your credit card may only cover the goods when you receive them, not when they’re being shipped.

Believe it or not, the solution is simple: Insure the item during its journey from the supplier to you.

Don’t leave it to chance!

From as little as $15, you can insure items being shipped within Australia for loss and accidental damage through NTI’s Shipping & Delivery Insurance. With only 6 quick questions, immediate credit card payment, and instant issue of policy documents, it makes perfect sense to protect your purchases.

And you have peace of mind knowing you’re backed by NTI – Australia’s leading transport and logistics insurer.

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Why would I get Shipping & Delivery Insurance?

Peace of mind that your purchase is protected

Australian based claims team

Cover up to $50k per item

Full accidental damage cover

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Do you need to make a claim against your Shipping & Delivery policy? Our friendly team are on standby waiting to assist. Simply lodge your claim online or you can give us a call, send us a text or an email - the choice is yours.  

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