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NTI Traction


Safety is vital to every business. We all want to make sure that our employees, our customers, and our partners well-being is paramount. Having a safe work environment is required by law - especially in the highly-regulated transport and logistics industries. 

But how do you maintain or improve a culture of safety when your business is constantly facing change? A new contract, rapid growth, changes in family businesses, integrating new processes and technology - the list goes on.

A change to any of these aspects of your business can have an adverse effect on workplace health and safety, let alone when multiple changes are taking place. That's where a proactive approach to leading safety and managing risk within your business is critically important. But where do you start when it comes to changing and improving your safety culture?


More than a leadership program for management, it makes a leader out of everyone.

Twelve years in the making and with close collaboration from government, industry leaders, and international best practice professionals - NTI Traction is a program designed to help problem solve your safety culture. 

It's more than a leadership program for management - it makes a leader out of everyone. With all levels of your company taking ownership and responsibility, everyone is empowered and inspired to work to the same goals; safer, happier people and a stronger business.

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