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Recruiting and Onboarding

How to write a driver position description

If you need to sharpen your position description writing skills, this download is for you.  

What you will learn

  • What position descriptions are usually used for
  • What a good position description looks like and how it's structured
  • What essential elements you need to include in a driver position description

Most people's professional career starts with a job ad. What you read in the position description can influence the direction your career and life take. It can send you down a path to building a fulfilling lifestyle and successful career, or cause years of pain when you later realise you chose the wrong job, the wrong company, or gained experience in an industry that wasn't right for you.

For managers, good position descriptions are important for another reason. They generate a larger and more diverse pool to choose from. 

But even after the hiring and selection process it serves you well. It becomes more like a reference point, a 'success profile' that you can tie incentives to and measure your staff's performance against. 

Done right, it can set you up for positive ripple effects for you, your staff, and your business. 

Use the template below to write, or review, a driver position description that you can use for both advertising the role and managing your new hire's performance. 

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