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How to set up a low distraction cabin

Driving a truck is a complex task, requiring drivers to be ready to make split-second decisions for hours on end. 

According to the 2021 NTARC report, driver inattention causes nearly two in five [37.9%] of all driver error crashes and more than one in seven large losses. 

Technology has added more read-outs, displays and other distractions in a typical truck cab. Yet too often, we neglect the mental workload and potential distractions they can cause.

Get your gear in the zone

The best way to organise displays and controls is to divide the cabin into three spaces based on the driver’s field of view.

Consolidation is critical

Try to avoid fitting new displays, for example by integrating a new system with a truck’s existing telematics.

Review new systems; if they could unduly distract drivers, ask the vendor to change how the system behaves. The goal is to reduce visual clutter and make it safer for drivers to access information while driving.

Non-essential information, such as message alerts and social media fields, should be disabled.

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