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Traction Program

Introduction to NTI Traction 

More than a leadership program for management, it makes a leader out of everyone.

Twelve years in the making and with close collaboration from government, industry leaders, and international best practice professionals - NTI Traction is a program designed to help problem solve your safety culture. 

It's more than a leadership program for management - it makes a leader out of everyone. With all levels of your company taking ownership and responsibility, everyone is empowered and inspired to work to the same goals; safer, happier people and a stronger business.

Delivering Best Practice Safety Culture

Safety is vital to every business. We all want to make sure that our employees, our customers, and our partners well-being is paramount. Having a safe work environment is required by law - especially in the highly-regulated transport and logistics industries. 

But how do you maintain or improve a culture of safety when your business is constantly facing change? A new contract, rapid growth, changes in family businesses, integrating new processes and technology - the list goes on.

A change to any of these aspects of your business can have an adverse effect on workplace health and safety, let alone when multiple changes are taking place. That's where a proactive approach to leading safety and managing risk within your business is critically important. But where do you start when it comes to changing and improving your safety culture?

For the business as a whole, it brought different voices to the table, and it came with strategies and objectives for the business that we wouldn’t have previously had. Personally, I thought it was a great experience from a leadership point of view, and another tool on your tool belt you can use. 

Wendy Fennell, Managing Director - Fennell Forestry

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a specialist in transport and logistics, NTI's purpose is to keep Australian industry moving towards a safer and more sustainable future. We are bringing something unique to the industry, leveraging our deep specialist knowledge. NTI is looking for new ways to add value to customers to ensure safer drivers, better businesses, and a safer industry.

  • NTI Traction is a specialised transport and logistics program to engage staff and measure perception of operational and safety performance using our unique formula, and then focus everyone on constructive improvement. Traction is designed to help problem solve safety culture, it doesn't just test the existence of policy and process, but instead focuses on current practice and beliefs.

    Traction 360 degree insights and benchmarks, together with tailored training modules, provide a platform for people to solve current business challenges. The consequent interventions and training are practical, solution orientated, and designed to both further engage teams and build business skills.

  • You may have the safety policies and procedures in place to be health and safety compliant, but are they being followed properly? Are they really understood? Are new staff being trained correctly when on-boarded?

    When it comes to risk management and safety, changing equipment and systems is just the beginning. When a culture of safety is respected and valued by everyone in your business, it becomes the backbone of high performance. People and behavioural change are what will really shift safety culture and help lift health and safety standards.

  • There are three options available within the offering:

    Traction Swift

    This option starts to understand key challenges by conducting a 360 degree company-wide survey using the unique formula, and unpacking your results and recommended actions. All reports include industry benchmarking information. This takes between 5-10 hours of a leaders time and 15 minutes for each staff member. 

    Full Traction Program

    This option follows on from Traction Swift and includes a customised onsite workshop, focused on solving current business challenges, offering a number of coaching options. This workshop can involve a variety of people from different parts of your business.

    Traction Plus

    This option follows on from the above two with six hours of tailored coaching (to be used as the client chooses) to help implement change, and a pulse check half way through the year to monitor progress. 

    Traction is intended to be an ongoing program with annual measurement enabling continuous staff engagement and improvement. In subsequent years the fee for service program components will continue to be tailored to meet your current needs.

  • Traction helps you understand your safety and operational performance (across roles and branches), where you perform well, your limiters/opportunities for improvement and where you sit compared to others in the transport and logistics industry. Our expert facilitators then work with you on solving priority challenges (bringing industry best practices, planning tools and templates, and rolling up our sleeves to help).

    Twelve years in the making and with close collaboration from Government, industry leaders, and international best practice professionals - NTI Traction is a program designed to help problem solve your safety culture. We want to help you get traction and gear up your business.

  • We are aware of the current limitations in customers working environments as a result of COVID-19. As elements of the NTI Traction propositions typically involving face to face onboarding and attendance onsite, we have adapted the proposition to support remote zoom delivery via Traction Swift service.

  • Traction is a fee for service offering for NTI clients, separate to premiums and the insurance process.

  • Traction has been rolled out to over 120 businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand, these range in size, task (from carriers of bulk freight, livestock, dangerous goods to civil construction and manufacturing/distribution companies), and business structure (corporate through to family owned).

    We typically work with med-large fleet business and with 50+ powered units, often family run, and those experiencing significant change, such as growth, new technology or performance challenges.

  • Traction is separate to the insurance process, and the information is not used to set premium prices. The results are for the benefit of the customer to improve their business and the Traction service is there to help turn around problems. 

    Implementing steps to improve the way a fleet operates, the safety processes and culture will have a positive impact on the transport business. The program aims to reduce risk, improve equipment care and create better safety outcomes, all of which can lead to a reduction of claims - reducing premium pressure. 

    The Traction full report and detailed outcomes are not shared with the insurance side of the business but we do share which clients have participated in Traction along with high level summary of the resulting risk grade or 'gear' and key recommendations. 

    Brokers are welcome to be involved at all stages of the program too.

  • CoR is about proactive risk management and having the right policies and procedures. Traction takes a practical approach by testing the effectiveness of those procedures by engaging with your wider team. Understanding safety on the ground with strong communication and planning are core to having effective CoR practices.  

  • Please contact your local NTI State Development Specialist, Traction Delivery Lead - Kelly McLuckie (0409 837 018), or Customer and Industry Relationship Manager - David Jackson (0421165 583) for more information.

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