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Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance

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Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance policy

Industry-leading protection for mobile plant and equipment. 

What is it?

Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance is a comprehensive cover option for mobile plant and equipment. To deliver it, we have a team of mobile plant and equipment insurance experts combined with NTI's outstanding service, unparalleled expertise, and our essential local knowledge that provides industrial strength protection across a complicated and specialised range of exposures.

Who is it for?

Designed for business owners large and small - owner-operators, earthmovers, civil contractors, construction, road builders/asphalt and paving, materials moving and handling, quarry operators, mining (open pit and underground), drilling contractors, landscapers, farming and agriculture, plantation forestry, and plant hire industries.

What kind of cover does it offer?

Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance provides:

  1. Material Damage and Road Risk Liability
  2. Public and Products Liability
  3. Business Interruption Cover

There is a wide variety of plant used in various industries and can vary depending on your business profile and site application.

Our dedicated Mobile Plant and Equipment Cover also offers more than 50 automatic benefits and an additional 16 optional covers available to tailor coverage to suit your needs.