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Marine Liability Protect

Marine Liability Protect Insurance Policy

Keep your maritime operations protected with Marine Liability Protect's suite of specialised policies.

What is it? 

NTI's Marine Liability Protect provides a suite of liability products tailored for your marine client's needs.

Who is it for?

Liability Protect is designed for operations undertaken by ship repairers, marina operators, port services, logistics, freight forwarders, and their related industries.

What kind of cover does it offer?

We offer a range of tailored solutions including:

  1. Marine Liability Protect: Port Operators Liability
  2. Marine Liability Protect: Excess Liability
  3. Marine Liability Protect: Marine Industry Liability
  4. Marine Liability Protect: Terminal Operators and Stevedores Liability

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NTI Award Winning Claims Solution

In addition to our expert coverage, you will also have access to NTI award winning claims solution, including:

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