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National Transport Insurance's Liability Policy

Today's transport operators are generally involved in a lot more than just transporting goods.

What is it?

We offer cover for customer's legal liability arising from business activities. NTI understands that there are lots of risks and exposures that come with working in the transport industry so we have created a liability product tailored for our customer's needs - and which dovetails with our Fleet Motor and Transport Pack offerings to minimise gaps in cover.

Who is it for?

We offer cover for transport businesses whether owner-operators or significant corporate clients.

What kind of cover does it offer?

We offer broadform liability cover with limits available up to $50M and automatic $100,000 cover for customer's goods (higher limits available by request). Automatic extensions of cover for:

  1. Cross-Liability
  2. Principal's Indemnity
  3. Wrongful Delivery of Concrete
  4. Indemnity for NSW RMS

Think this product could suit you and your business? Contact your broker to discuss your options.

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NTI Award Winning Claims Solution

In addition to our expert coverage, you will also have access to NTI award winning claims solution, including:

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