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Fleet Motor

National Transport Insurance's Fleet Motor Policy 

Specifically developed for Australian heavy motor vehicle fleets to keep them on the move.

What is it?

National Transport Insurance's Fleet Motor Policy is backed by over 45 years of experience and has been specifically developed for Australian heavy motor vehicle fleets to keep them on the move.

Who is it for?

We offer flexible and tailored insurance solutions for Australian transport businesses and their related activities. Our Fleet Motor policy is designed to provided comprehensive protection with a range of standard benefits and optional extensions for Australia-wide fleets of rigid trucks, prime movers, trailers, plant and equipment and buses. For peace of mind, we can also provide cover for cars, utes and vans to keep all customer's vehicles on the one policy.

What kind of cover does it offer?

Our Fleet Motor policy provides Australia-wide coverage that takes into account:

  1. the area and scope of customer's operations (base, depots, and transport areas)
  2. the type of goods your customer transport
  3. accident history
  4. fleet size and composition
  5. variations in fleet size
  6. driver selection and training processes

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What are the benefits for NTI Fleet customers?

1. Access to award-winning claim services

Including NTI Accident Assist and NTI Premium Repairers to manage the accident scene and repair process.

2. Additional cover for transport association members

If you're a member of a transport association you have access to additional covers. 

3. 45 years of transport experience 

Have peace of mind that NTI have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Australian transport operators.

4. Combine NTI policies to maximise coverage

Combine with NTI Liability and other NTI products such as Carriers Protect to minimise gaps in cover.