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National Transport Insurance's Liability Policy

Liability Insurance specifically designed to suit the transport, logistics and civil construction industries. Protect your business from the unexpected with NTI's Liability Insurance.

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What is liability insurance?

NTI’s Liability insurance offers cover for customers’ legal liability for injury or damage arising from their business activities, or from their products. 

Damage to a property could lead to demands for compensation from the property owner – whether it be a scratched floor, impact to a wall, or damage to goods. Or if a person is injured as a result of a business’s actions, the cost to compensate the injured person as well as legal costs, could cripple a thriving business. 

NTI understands that there are risks that come with working in the transport and civil construction industries, so we have created a liability product tailored for our customers’ needs – and aligns with our Fleet Motor and Transport Pack offerings to minimise gaps in cover. 

Who is liability insurance FOR?

We offer cover for transport businesses involved in the earthmoving and civil construction industries, whether owner-operators or significant corporate clients.

Whether the business has its own depot or is an owner-driver operation, workplace accidents can happen, and without liability insurance these incidents can be catastrophic to a balance sheet, and time consuming to try and manage. 

What kind of cover does it offer?

We offer broadform liability cover with:

  • Limits available up to $50M
  • Automatic $100,000 cover for customer’s goods (higher limits available by request) 
  • Automatic $250,000 vibration cover (higher limits available by request)
  • Automatic extensions of cover for:
  • Cross-Liability
  • Principal’s Indemnity
  • Wrongful Delivery of Concrete
  • Indemnity for NSW RMS

NTI Award-Winning Claims Solution

In addition to our expert coverage, you will also have access to NTI award winning claims solution, including:

NTI Accident Assist Service

NTI Premium Repairer Network

NTI local offices across the country

Build your own Workplace Wellbeing Plan

Healthy Heads has developed the Roadmap Planner to aid better understanding of psychological health and safety, and to assist businesses of all sizes in transport, warehousing, and logistics to establish a Workplace Wellbeing Plan to help meet their work health and safety (WHS) duty of care.

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Does this product sound right for you?

Contact your local insurance broker to find out more about NTI Liability.

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Product Disclosure Statement - Effective for new business and renewals from 1 November 2023

Product Disclosure Statement - Effective for policies incepted prior to 31 March, 2021

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