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National Transport Insurance's Fleet Motor Policy

National Transport Insurance’s Fleet Motor Policy is specifically developed for Australian heavy motor vehicle fleets to keep you on the move.

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What is fleet insurance?

National Transport Insurance’s Fleet Motor Policy is backed by over 45 years of experience and has been specifically developed to keep medium-large sized Australian heavy motor vehicle fleet operators on the move. As expected from Australia’s number 1 truck insurance provider, NTI’s Fleet Motor Policy provides customers both industry leading and quality insurance coverage to Australia’s transport sector.

Who is fleet insurance for?

We offer flexible and tailored insurance solutions for medium-large sized Australian transport businesses and their related activities. Our Fleet Motor Policy is designed to provide comprehensive protection with a broad range of automatic additional benefits and optional extensions for Australia-wide fleets of prime movers, trailers, rigid trucks 3.5T and over, plant and equipment, and buses. For peace of mind, we can also accommodate cars, utes, vans, and light rigids to keep all if your vehicles on the one policy.

What does fleet insurance cover?

Our Fleet Motor policy provides automatic Australia-wide coverage that covers your vehicles and takes into account: 

  • the area and scope of operations (base, depots, and transport areas) 
  • the type of goods transported
  • accident history
  • fleet size and composition
  • variations in fleet size
  • driver selection and training processes

*Refer to the policy wordings for specifics/more information

NTI's Market Leading Fleet

Insurance Policy covers:

  • Market value or sum insured, whichever is the lesser.
  • New vehicle replacement up to a maximum of 120% of the sum insured.
    • 3 year replacement for most types of new motor vehicles that are a total loss 
    • 2 year replacement for new mobile plant that are a total loss
  • Finance protection for total losses, up to an additional 25% of the lesser of market value or sum.
  • $15,000,000 for own damage arising out of one event.
  • $50,000,000 legal liability to third parties for non-hazardous/non-dangerous goods.
  • $2,500,000 standard cover for dangerous goods (with DG limits up to $50mil available).
  • $250,000 for removal of non-dangerous debris.

Additional automatic covers:

  • $500,000/45 days for automatic inclusions of newly acquired vehicles that are like and similar kind.
  • Trailer in control cover of $100,000 for a single trailer or a conjoined trailer combination.
  • Public relations/Crisis management up to $75,000 to reduce or negate adverse publicity or public reaction following an accident. 
  • Coronial representation costs up to $50,000 per period of insurance.
  • Locks and keys $10,000
  • Funeral expenses $10,000
  • Cost of repatriating driver/operator $5,000
  • Emergency repairs $5,000
  • Drivers/operators personal property up to $3,000 any one claim.
  • Errors and Omissions for unintentional or inadvertent error, omission of vehicles that are like and similar kind. 

  • Plus many more Automatic and Optional covers, refer to policy wording.

What are the benefits for NTI Fleet customers

1. Access to award-winning claim services

Including NTI Accident Assist and NTI Premium Repairers to manage the accident scene and repair process.

2. Additional cover for transport association members

If you're a member of a transport association you have access to additional covers.

3. 45 years of transport experience 

Have peace of mind that NTI have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Australian transport operators.

4. Combine NTI policies to maximise coverage

Combine with NTI Liability and other NTI products such as Carriers Protect to minimise gaps in cover.

Build your own Workplace Wellbeing Plan

Healthy Heads has developed the Roadmap Planner to aid better understanding of psychological health and safety, and to assist businesses of all sizes in transport, warehousing, and logistics to establish a Workplace Wellbeing Plan to help meet their work health and safety (WHS) duty of care. 

Like to know more?

Think this product could suit you and your business? Contact your broker to discuss your options. 

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Product Disclosure Statement - Effective for new business and renewals from 1 November 2023

Product Disclosure Statement - Effective for policies incepted prior to 31 March, 2021.

NTARC Major Accident Investigation Report

NTI’s priority is to ensure every single transport operator arrives home safely. By bringing data and expertise together, hopefully we can keep Australia moving towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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