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Over the last 45 years change has been constant in the transport and logistics industries.

The vehicles and equipment our customers rely on have become safer, faster, and cleaner. The cargoes they carry are now more delicate and time sensitive than ever before. 

At NTI we've always been successful in finding new ways to keep our customers moving. With over 45 years of experience in the insurance industry, NTI is the specialist you can count on to protect your assets.

When people are at their most vulnerable it is critical that they have immediate support from a strong, stable, reliable, and experienced organisation. An organisation with the equipment, networks, and know-how to take control of the situation, and the capability to reduce lost income by getting you back to business as soon as possible. 

That's exactly why we offer premium specialist insurance and assistance products designed to protect Australian businesses and families. 

Businesses and families just like yours.

Our combination of tailored products, experienced people, accredited repair and recovery networks, and industry advocacy have seen us ranked as Australia's number one specialist insurer. 

Yet, insurance is just a piece of paper, a promise. It is not until you really need us that you understand our point of difference.