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Risk Management Services

Launched July 2019, NTI's Risk Management Services team is the next strategic evolution for Australia's leading specialist insurer across transport and logistics. 

Leading initiatives such as NTI's exclusive partnership with Seeing Machines - a global industry leader in developing driver monitoring systems, and the NTI Traction program - delivering best practice safety culture to transport businesses, the team have already made a large impact. 

One of NTI's core values is to think beyond just the demands of the industry and customer, and to imagine and deliver on the shape of the future. 

Our small, focused team is made up of experts who through their experiences at NTI have developed a rich understanding and appreciation for our customer's needs and their pain points across the transport, logistics, and insurance industries.  At NTI we're looking to deliver on our mission, safer people and stronger businesses. It's about more than just our current and future NTI customers. This is about the industry as a whole, whether they are insured with us or not. A safer, better industry is everyone's business.

Christopher Hogarty, Chief Sustainability Officer