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Accident Research

Accident Research

NTI believes that effective research focused on current claims data is crucial to gaining greater insights into serious heavy vehicle incidents. Fundamentally, truck crash research is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable improvements in road safety - not only for our customers but for all road users.

For the past 20 years NTI has conducted longitudinal studies tracking a workforce of heavy vehicle drivers involved in accidents. Studies have focused on primary data of major crashes managed by NTI with an aggregate cost greater than (>) $50,000. The findings have been published biannually by the National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC), NTI’s independent research facility. We have used information from the following sources in our research:

  • NTI Claims Database;
  • NTI Accident Assist 24 hour national support centre;
  • Claims forms and accident reports;
  • Police reports;
  • Independent investigators;
  • Interviews with repair managers, drivers, owners, risk surveyors and witnesses; and
  • On-scene crash recovery operators.

In the coming years, NTARC will evolve and change to become a research centre which reflects our market position as Australia’s Specialist Insurer.