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National Transport Insurance raises the bar with new partnership and innovative insurance offering

the country’s number one truck insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI) is proud to announce a new partnership with global company Seeing Machines – a recognised industry leader in developing Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) for the Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Aviation, Rail and Off-Road markets.

The partnership is a reflection of NTI’s commitment to the long-term sustainability of Australia’s transport & logistics industry and the projection of ‘zero heavy vehicle involved fatality rate’ by year 2032, as supported in NTI’s recent 2019 Major Accident Investigation Report.

Mr Chris Hogarty, Chief Customer Officer, says the partnership between NTI and Seeing Machines is built on a genuine synergy between values. “Together we are ‘walking the talk’, and moving beyond assessing that fleets and transport businesses have safety policies & procedures in place. We’re venturing into new territory.”

“Our exclusive partnership enables NTI to promote the uptake of Seeing Machines’ Guardian technology, whilst also take advantage of research opportunities and exchange critical data.”
The partnership will also explore how Heavy Motor Fleet insurance responds to the incorporation of Seeing Machine’s marketing-leading and life-saving Guardian technology to reduce heavy vehicle road incidences and improve safety for all road users.

“Seeing Machine’s technology delivers real-time identification and understanding of driver behaviour through Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis of heads, faces and eyes. It has the potential to shift what we accept as the safety benchmark in transport and logistics,” said Mr. Hogarty.

With offices across USA, Europe and Asia, Seeing Machine’s General Manage – Fleet, Mr Paul McGlone says the adoption of Guardian safety technology is tried and tested in over 14,000 commercial vehicles worldwide. NTI’s offering is a sign of things to come for Australian road safety.

“Seeing Machines works closely with insurers in several countries today. Partnering with NTI in Australia will open up significant opportunities to accelerate growth in our Fleet business locally and create new information based collaboration and services. We are delighted to be working with NTI who, like Seeing Machines, are focused on customer service as well as road safety.”