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Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods is a serious responsibility.

If a dangerous goods incident were to occur you are under pressure, and legally obligated, to ensure everything is properly cleared and contained so that the area, and everyone involved, is safe.

No matter what you carry you can be confident that our NTI Accident Assist network, including our in-house team of emergency response specialists, are able to take care of everything.

We can even help you to manage your Transport Emergency Response Plan.

Other insurers rely on third parties to manage dangerous goods incidents. As specialists, NTI has an in-house team with the necessary qualifications and experience to manage dangerous goods claims as part of our standard claims solution.

Why choose NTI to protect  your dangerous goods? 

  1. We have an in-house team of experienced experts qualified in dangerous goods incident management. All members of our team have completed the nationally recognized 'Transport Emergency Responders' course, and hold an emergency responders card which is recognised by CROIERG, National Bulk Tanker Association and the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council

  2. Our customers are able to receive incident coordination, as well as access the power of NTI’s in-house experts and service provider network via one phone number 24/7

  3. We keep your Transport Emergency Response Plan on file, so customers can be confident that their processes will be followed

  4. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our network of incident management operators are bound by industry-leading standards and KPIs, which includes compliance with Chain of Responsibility legislation.
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