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Introduction to Leadership

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Join NTI experts Kelly McLuckie, Martin Corry and Janelle Greene as they discuss leadership in the transport industry and practical tips for new leaders.

Does leadership matter? Can you learn it? How is it different from management?

This short video features three leadership experts discussing these questions and more.

  • Kelly McLuckie is NTI’s expert on business culture and leadership and a former Navy officer. She co-developed our ‘Traction’ program and helps leaders develop the skills and abilities they need to improve and transform their businesses.
  • Martin Corry is a 30-year transport industry veteran. Before joining NTI, he drove trucks, managed teams and owned businesses. He’s a practical leader who focuses on strong relationships and accountability.
  • Janelle Greene worked in the financial services industry and mining before joining NTI. She’s responsible for developing the strategic direction of NTI’s customer experience, marketing, business insights, and pricing and portfolio management teams. She’s highly experienced in leadership development, and cultural and business transformation. 

Join our experts as they discuss leadership in the transport industry and practical tips for new leaders. Key points in their discussion include: 

  • What is leadership? Is it about creating the right environment, building the right relationships, supporting your team, creating the right culture … or all of these? And how
  • Can leadership be taught? There’s no doubt that some people are ‘born leaders’, but can the rest of us learn to become leaders? Our team discusses how to learn better leadership skills.
  • What are the pitfalls? Understanding the transport industry’s unique requirements and culture is a critical piece of the leadership puzzle – but what else is there? We discuss better approaches to problems and how to draw your entire team into the decision-making process.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice leader, we’re confident Kelly, Martin and Janelle’s conversation will give you some valuable insights and new ways to look at old problems.


Disclaimer: Information in this video is general only. It does not take into account an individual’s personal or business circumstances. While all due care has been taken, it is not intended as legal, financial or business investment advice and should not be construed or relied upon as such. Before making a commitment you should consider seeking your own independent advice.

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