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Australian Maritime Safety Authority legislation changes

Date: 11 July 2018
Australian Maritime Safety Authority legislation changes
Australian Maritime Safety Authority legislation changes

Since 1 July 2018, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has taken over the delivery of services for domestic commercial vessels (DCVs) from local marine safety agencies. As part of this process, AMSA has implemented changes to how DVCs will be treated regarding survey requirements.

The previous survey regime required DCVs, including newer vessels, to have a national law certificate of survey (i.e. to be “in survey”), and periodic surveys to demonstrate the vessel met the applicable standards.

The revised regime however places less stringent requirements on newer vessels, which may see an increase in older vessels with “grandfathered” status being retired; nonetheless vessel owners/operators will also need to act on maintenance issues under their own volition, rather than merely to comply with a survey requirement.

In summary, the revisions include:

  • An increase in the type of vessels that will no longer be required to be in survey (Exemption 02)
  • An expansion of the Restricted C category (Exemption 40)
  • Less frequent periodic surveys for other specified vessels (Marine Order 503)

Insurers will typically require to know the survey status of a vessel prior to confirming any cover. Further to this, an exemption from AMSA survey requirements may mean some Insurers have separate requirements.  Review of your clients’ vessel status is an important part of their risk assessment.

For any further information or to discuss how these changes may be relevant to your policy holder, please feel free to contact any of our experts at Marine Protect, directly.

Full details of the proposed changes, including relevant exemptions, are available via AMSA’s website.

For more information about Marine Protect: powered by nti, click here to visit the Marine Protect website.

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