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Advisory Board signals new era for Truck Accident Research Centre

Date: 02 September 2011

Driving measurable improvements in road transport safety is the goal of a new Advisory Board appointed to advise the National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC), creator of landmark research on truck crashes and the impact of fatigue and speed.

Founders of the NTARC, leading heavy vehicle insurers National Transport Insurance (NTI), said the new AllRoads Safety Advisory Board would take the scope of NTARC beyond analysis of truck accidents, to finding practical actions that would improve road safety for all road users.

Chair of the AllRoads Safety Advisory Board, Melbourne University researcher and logistics consultant Associate Professor Kim Hassall, has worked with the world’s largest freight companies.

With expertise in restructuring logistics networks, freight policy and strategy, he is author of some 70 papers and submissions that have shaped Australia’s freight policies over the last decade.

“Australia alone produces a plethora of excellent research on road safety, but in many cases the outcomes don’t flow on to generating real change on the ground,” Associate Professor Hassall said.

“By reviewing both national and international research findings in detail, we hope to pinpoint measures to make road transport safer, benefiting not only operators but everyone on the roads.”

Associate Professor Hassall said the first task of the Advisory Board was to review the findings of NTARC’s biennial heavy vehicle accident study. The NTI 2011 Major Truck Accident Research Report, which investigated 323 major crashes from 2009, found that inappropriate speed for the conditions and fatigue were responsible for one in two heavy vehicle accidents (41.9%).

Fellow Advisory Board member and NTI National Manager Industry Relations Owen Driscoll said NTI believed that truck accident research was a prerequisite for achieving sustainable safety improvements for all road users.

“We hope by creating this Advisory Board to the NTARC, we’ll move closer to recommending changes that could make a real difference, not just for truck drivers, but for everyone on our roads. This signals a new era for the research centre in working to impact road safety in Australia.”

Members of the AllRoads Safety Advisory Board, which is part of NTARC include:

Associate Professor Kim Hassall (Chair)
University of Melbourne Research Fellow
Co-Director of the Industrial Logistics Institute

Laszlo (Les) Bruzsa
Principal Engineer, Road System Operations
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Bill Manton
National Training Manager
Simon National Carriers

Mark Johnston
National Sales and Marketing Manager
Haulmark Trailers (Australia)

Owen Driscoll
National Manager, Industry Relations
National Transport Insurance

Alan Hasted
General Manager, Claims Operations
National Transport Insurance

About the 2011 Major Accident Investigation Report
The 2011 Major Accident Investigation Report analysed 323 major crash incidents from 2009 with a combined cost of AUD$44M. Completed by the NTI National Truck Accident Research Centre, the report continues a series of biennial longitudinal studies tracking a workforce of Australian heavy vehicle drivers involved in accidents since 1998. The studies review Australian heavy vehicles, with a carrying capacity greater than five tonnes, involved in serious accidents. The research focuses on primary data, specifically reviewing major heavy crashes managed by NTI’s National Claims Centre. The NTI National Truck Accident Research Centre is a research facility wholly funded by NTI in Australia. NTI believes that truck crash research is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable improvements in road safety for all road transport operators and motorists who share the road.

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