Mike Dwyer Transport
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Mike Dwyer Transport

Mike Dwyer is a sole transport operator with 29 years' experience in the industry. He is presently contracted to load, unload and transport containers from the Pacific National trains when they arrive in Sydney from Perth. It's something he's been doing for around five years. Prior to this he was an interstate driver.
Location: Oberon, NSW

Four months after purchasing a brand new Western Star, Mike was involved in an accident.

"I had a head-on collision with a person driving a motor vehicle," Mike explained. "Fortunately I was only travelling at about 50km an hour at the time. I saw the car coming at me – it was on the wrong side of the road – but it was impossible to avoid the collision. No one was hurt but the driver of the car was charged with negligible driving.

"Because of the type of work I do I wasn’t able to have a bull-bar installed when I bought the truck, it just has a specialised bumper bar. Anyway, the bumper bar took the impact and therefore the majority of the damage.

"I only have one truck, so if my truck is off the road then I can’t work," Mike continued. "So I had to find a quick solution to the problem."

Fortunately for Mike Dwyer, he’s insured with NTI. This meant his solution was quick and easy to find. Mike was referred to an NTI Premium Repairer, Wales Truck Repairs, as soon as the incident was reported.

Wales Truck Repairs Pty Ltd has been an NTI Premium Repairer for almost five years. As one of the largest single branch truck repair companies in Australia, this family business has been committed to excellence in truck repairs and service since it was established in 1982.

NTI Premium Repairers put their customers first and make it a priority to get every truck that comes to them back on the road faster. This is something that Mike Dwyer is extremely grateful for.

"The vehicle was drivable and I was able to take it to them so they could complete the inspection and appraisal," Mike said. "They removed the damaged bumper bar so that I could keep using the truck. In the meantime, they ordered in a replacement bumper bar and other parts and when everything arrived they did the repair work during my downtime across two weekends.

"I couldn’t have been happier with NTI, the repair and the process," Mike added.

"NTI realise the importance of keeping their customers on the road," explained Wales Truck Repairs Managing Director, Darren Wales. "Being an NTI Premium Repairer means we’re authorised to start repairs immediately without seeking any higher approvals.

"In Mike Dwyer’s case, we completed the repair very quickly but to a very high standard, and we worked around his availability so we didn’t impact on his ability to get the job done for Pacific National.

"Of course, we’re proud to be an NTI Premium Repairer. We undergo regular rigorous testing and annual reviews to maintain our status, but we don’t mind this because we’re happy to partner with an insurer that is forward thinking and proactive in their daily dealings – a company who, like us, always put their customers’ needs first," Darren added.

NTI has a network of Premium Repairers around Australia. All of them meet NTI’s high standards when it comes to parts, paint, equipment and staff training.

For more information on NTI’s Premium Repairers, talk to your Broker or Authorised Representative, or visit www.nti.com.au.

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